This Blog Has a New Name, Location

As of February 1, 2014, TIME For Teachers is replacing The Teacher Beacon, my first venture into the world of blogging.  In addition, the location for this new monthly blog will be a special section on Daily Teaching Tools, my home website.

TIME For Teachers springs from one basic premise:   Teachers take time for administrators, time for parents, and loads and LOADS of time for their kids. Isn’t it about time for teachers?  Isn’t it about time for YOU?

It’s entirely my pleasure to invite you to visit TIME For Teachers.  As one educator to another, I have hand-picked (or written myself) the items that you will find there.

TIME For Teachers will always feature new software and resources that are entirely free of charge.  In addition you’ll find classroom tips and ideas, famous quotations about teachers, the Timeless Teacher Award winners, strategies for boosting teacher morale, school humor, and more.

I sincerely hope that you will find the content of this new publication to be useful, encouraging, and worthy of the little time that you can afford to spend away from teaching.

The archives section of TIME For Teachers will house past posts from The Teacher Beacon.  And just like I attempted to do with The Teacher Beacon, I strongly urge you to stay proactive.  Your comments and participation in this new endeavor will be entirely welcomed by ALL of your colleagues.

So, this is by no means a goodbye.  I’ll just meet up with you in a new publication at a new location.  And, I hope that you’ll enjoy the time you spend with TIME For Teachers from month-to-month as much as I will enjoy putting up all of its content together for you.

Thank you for becoming a teacher, for being there for your kids, and for doing so well what you do.