Teachers Are the True Survivors

Mark Woods, a columnist for the Florida Times-Union, had a piece that I think you will find interesting.  Although it was written on June 15 of this year, what he has to say about teachers is well worth repeating here.  This is what he had to say.

“It’s hard to believe that another school year has come and gone.

As I was taking Mia to the first day of summer camp, I was thinking that it doesn’t get much better than being nine years old and having June, July, and August ahead of you.  No homework.  No bills.  Sign me up.

I thought about the past school year, walking Mia in for the first day of third grade.  She was both nervous and excited.  Nervous because she was stepping into a new setting.  Excited because of what happens in third grade.

‘I get to take the FCAT,’ she said.

For the many of you who are not Floridians, the FCAT is the state standardized test used for the purpose of assigning grades to schools in Florida.  The acronym stands for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

Mark continues, “I quickly learned it wasn’t so much the FCAT she was excited about, but the idea of a week without homework.

Our first FCAT year was fairly painless.  And for that and many other things, I have to give her teachers a lot of credit.

That’s something else I was thinking about on the way to summer camp.  At the end of the school year, I said something to Mia’s teachers in person that is worth repeating in print.

Thank you.

And not just to Mrs. Langley, Ms. Smith, and Mrs. Seeker.  To all the teachers she’s had so far.

During the education reform of the past year, the new legislation and budget cuts, somehow teachers frequently ended up as the villains.  The lazy, greedy villains.

Jon Stewart, whose mother was a teacher, took this and ran with it one night on Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show.’  He turned to the camera and spoke directly to all the teachers out there.

‘You are destroying America,’ he said.  ‘Yeah.  Look at you, with your chalk-stained irregular blouses from Loehmans, and your Hyundai with its powered-steering and its windshield.  I guess bugs hitting you in the face doesn’t cut it.  The greed that led you into the teaching profession has led to the corruption of it.”’

At this point it gets even more interesting.

Coming Friday: Thank You for Surviving Another Year