Charter Schools aren’t Replacements

Charter schools are a hot topic here in the state of Florida.  Our governor, Rick Scott, is a proponent of them.  He seems to think that they should be promoted at the expense of the public school system. Susan Estrich, a columnist for Creators Syndicate, had a piece published recently in the Florida Times Union.  […]

Mentors Making an Impact on Kids

In another piece to the Florida Times-Union on October 13, 2011, Topher Sanders wrote the following: “Haskell Architects and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida announced Wednesday the most aggressive mentoring partnership with any of Duval County’s challenged schools. Fifty-three Haskell employees are pairing up with students at Andrew Jackson High School in the […]

Accomplished Local Teacher’s Compelling Story

Christopher Harvey is a science teacher at Edward H. White High School here in Jacksonville.  But Chris is not just a science teacher, he’s an extraordinary science teacher. According to an editorial that Chris wrote for the Florida Times-Union on August 21, 2011, he has always known that the purpose of his life was to […]

A Parent’s View on Student Misbehavior

On August 14, in response to Rev. Gundy’s experience as a substitute teacher and the conclusions that he drew from it, parent Marcella Washington wrote the following letter to the editor of the local newspaper. “I read with interest the guest column by the Rev. R. L. Gundy on student behavior in one of our […]

Discipline Problems: The Source and the Solution

You may recall Rev. Gundy’s experience as a substitute teacher from my last post. As Rev. Gundy sees it, the burden on our schools does not rest upon the shoulders of the teachers, staff, and administrators alone. The burden involves family issues, mostly related to parents who do not accept responsibilities for their children. He […]