I’d Appreciate Your Input Here on This

Have you left a comment here on The TeacherBeacon and then it never showed up?  If so, I’d sure like to hear from you.  Just take a moment to add a comment to this post.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy comment, a short one will do just fine.

In most cases, your comment should show up less than 24 hours after you post it.  If you comment to this post and then don’t see it by the next day, please let me know by dropping a brief note to me here.

About two months ago, I suffered a significant spam attack on this blog.  I was getting somewhere around 3 to 400 comments PER DAY.  Many of these comments were repetitive in nature, with similar phrasing, references, and even quotations.

As a result, I searched for something that I could do to alleviate this annoying barrage of spam.  I found a plug-in for WordPress called Akismet.  I installed this plug-in and noticed nearly immediately that it stopped nearly entirely the flow of spam.

But, since installing this plug-in, I have noticed that I’m not receiving ANY comments from ANYBODY.

I’m trying to determine whether it will be necessary to uninstall Akismet and perhaps go with another plug-in that will help the spam problem as well as allowing legitimate comments to get through.

Can I get your help here?

As I mentioned earlier, all I’m asking you to do is to leave me a brief comment on this post.  If it doesn’t appear here on The TeacherBeacon the very next day or even sooner, please let me know about it on my contact page of Daily Teaching Tools.

This blog always has visitors every day.  It just seems really strange to me that since installing this plug-in, I have not had ANY comments at all.

If you could do me this favor, I would be greatly appreciative.

Coming Tuesday:  More about My Volunteer Endeavors