Discipline Problems: The Source and the Solution

You may recall Rev. Gundy’s experience as a substitute teacher from my last post.

As Rev. Gundy sees it, the burden on our schools does not rest upon the shoulders of the teachers, staff, and administrators alone. The burden involves family issues, mostly related to parents who do not accept responsibilities for their children.

He says that parents should be held accountable. If students don’t behave, they should be put out of schools and home-schooled or sent to alternative schools until their behavior is corrected.

Those students who want to learn should be given the opportunity without all the distractions.

Rev. Gundy says that more than anything else, there must be a change of attitude in the church and community of not tolerating these problems within the families and schools. He says that we must insist that parents be parents.

Parents should be ashamed and repent when their children are disrespectful to teachers, administrators, and adults.

He continues by stating that all of us as a family, church, and community must all repent and take charge and control of our children to turn this around.

He warns that if we don’t, we need to get prepared to visit the jails and prisons, and shed more tears and attend more funerals because of our failures.

Rev. Gundy concludes that it’s time for a change.

I think it’s important to note that Rev. Gundy’s experience as a substitute teacher occurred at one of the city’s so-called “challenged schools.” 25 years of my teaching experience took place in an inner-city school. I also spent eight years in a suburban, highly affluent school.

As a result, I’m able to directly compare and contrast the circumstances that I observed in both scenarios. I have to honestly say that although socioeconomic and cultural differences were clearly at polar opposites, these two schools had two things in common.

First and foremost, it’s our inability to control student misbehavior. Secondly, it’s the resulting loss of time that SHOULD be spent teaching kids who truly want to learn.

I agree with Rev. Gundy. It IS time for change.

In fact, it’s way OVERDUE for a change. We as a society should have been putting our shoulder to the wheel on this critical priority a long time ago.

Although I think poor parenting is definitely a contributing factor, I don’t think we should be so quick to throw this entirely on the doorstep of the home.

What Rev. Gundy discovered through first-hand experience is what ANY of us could’ve told him in the first place. The kids are out of control. The kids have all the power of the hour.

And, we stand by and let them have their way.

It’s time that we all shoulder this burden–everyone involved including parents, students, teachers, administrators, district officials, and our elected representatives at every level of government.

It truly does take a whole village to raise a child.

But, how does our village coordinate efforts to correct this? Where do we begin?

What do you think?

Coming Tuesday: An Inner-City Parent’s View on Misbehavior