Public Education isn’t Failing

This is a continuation of my previous post regarding charter schools.  Susan Estrich, a Creators Syndicate columnist, concludes a recent piece published in the Florida Times Union in this way: “Running schools takes talented principals, dedicated teachers, inspiration, charisma, administrative experience, an understanding of the special issues involved in educating children who face crime while […]

Charter Schools aren’t Replacements

Charter schools are a hot topic here in the state of Florida.  Our governor, Rick Scott, is a proponent of them.  He seems to think that they should be promoted at the expense of the public school system. Susan Estrich, a columnist for Creators Syndicate, had a piece published recently in the Florida Times Union.  […]

More Observations from a Retired Teacher

This post is the conclusion of an editorial piece that appeared recently in the Florida Times-Union. If you haven’t had a chance to read that post, it is located here. Lois Floyd continues, “Busing students from failing schools to other schools compounds problems in the schools. When you bus about 300 students across town to […]

The Joy of Teaching Is Disappearing

I have recently been writing about good news in the world of education. With today’s post, I’m returning to the category of teacher issues. Unfortunately, there continues to be more negative news for educators. This Point of View piece was recently published in the Florida Times-Union, and in my estimation, it reflects what many of […]

Four Ideas for Improving Our Schools

On August 22 of this year, Roger Pancoast of Jacksonville had some intriguing ideas about improving our schools.  He stated the following: “Several recent Times-Union articles and a couple of thought-provoking letters dealt with the question of who really has the ability to improve public education in this county. But teachers can’t teach because of […]

Lack of Support for Teachers

Jane Bowman, a teacher who taught at Butler Middle School with me for a few years, recently wrote a letter to the Florida Times-Union in which she states the following: “A recent letter writer supportive of Duval County Superintendent Ed Pratt-Danals (pictured here) blames parents of the intervene schools for students’ poor attendance and behavior […]

Denigrating Teachers Is Not Productive

There’s been a lot of dialogue locally and also nationally about the state of education as it exists today.  What follows here is what Mr. Gerald Kissin of Jacksonville recently had to say about it in the Florida Times-Union: “Educate has been defined as,’ Any act or experience that has a formative effect on the […]

Reaction to Teacher of the Year’s Resignation

Eleanor King, a retired teacher here in Jacksonville, was very saddened by the resignation of former Teacher of the Year, Christopher Harvey.  If you have not had the opportunity to read my previous three posts about Chris, you may want to consider doing so before continuing here. In a letter to the editor of the […]

Teacher of the Year Makes Surprising Decision

This is the continuing story of Christopher Harvey, a distinguished National Board Certified teacher of the year.  If you have not had the opportunity to read my previous two posts about Chris, what you’re about to read about here won’t be much of a surprise. This is the concluding portion of an opinion piece Chris […]

Outstanding Teacher Suddenly Struggling

Christopher Harvey, a distinguished National Board Certified teacher of the year, has a long list of accomplishments that truly set him apart from his peers.  If you have not had the opportunity to read my previous post about Chris, please consider doing so before continuing here. Chris wrote an opinion piece for the Florida Times-Union […]