Teachers Are the True Survivors

Mark Woods, a columnist for the Florida Times-Union, had a piece that I think you will find interesting.  Although it was written on June 15 of this year, what he has to say about teachers is well worth repeating here.  This is what he had to say. “It’s hard to believe that another school year […]

Mentors Making an Impact on Kids

In another piece to the Florida Times-Union on October 13, 2011, Topher Sanders wrote the following: “Haskell Architects and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida announced Wednesday the most aggressive mentoring partnership with any of Duval County’s challenged schools. Fifty-three Haskell employees are pairing up with students at Andrew Jackson High School in the […]

Fifth-Grader Takes on Bullies

Topher Sanders wrote a piece for the Florida Times-Union on September 24, 2011, that caught my eye. He writes, “Breanna DeGrove was once the target of bullying.  She sat alone when her classmates wouldn’t include her in recess games, and she ate lunch by herself nearly every day.  But on Friday, you couldn’t tell any […]

Volunteers Contribute to Promote Literacy

This is the conclusion of my last post concerning A Bookcase for Every Child.  If you would care to read that post first, it is located here. Since Davidson launched the project, more than 2000 volunteers in Conway have kept it going.  They bake cakes and grill sausages for the Bookcase Literacy Banquet each October […]

A Bookcase for Every Child

Unfortunately, a lot of the news for us teachers is just downright depressing.  Beginning with today’s post, I’d like to concentrate on some things that are positive and encouraging in the world of education. For example, I learned recently about a town in Arkansas that promotes literacy one kid at a time.  Nija Graves (pictured […]