A Temporary Adjustment to Schedule

I have no way of knowing whether you found The TeacherBeacon via Daily Teaching Tools or through an Internet search.  If you haven’t had a chance to see Daily Teaching Tools, I think if you visit,  you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you will find there.

If you ARE a Daily Teaching Tools visitor, some of what follows may be “old news” to you.

By far, the most frequently visited page on Daily Teaching Tools is the language arts graphic organizers page.  As of about two weeks ago the free PDF package of 25 language arts graphic organizers has been downloaded over 600 times since I posted it in mid-August of last year.

If I had realized that it was that well received (and apparently appreciated) a little sooner, I would have made even more graphic organizers available sooner than I had planned.

The last two weeks I have been working very hard scouring my archives and free resources on the Internet to gather ideas and create new organizers.  I’m happy to say that my efforts are about to reach fruition.

Well before the end of this month I will be posting 50 new PDF graphic organizers for teaching reading.  Shortly thereafter, I will be working on organizers for writing, studying, and analyzing.  Although I don’t know the exact number yet, I’m thinking that I’ll be able to add about 120-150 more organizers over the course of the next 4 to 6 weeks.

As you might imagine, researching, designing, and creating that many graphic organizers is a time-intensive endeavor.

As a result, beginning with today’s post, I will be temporarily adjusting my writing schedule here at The Teacher Beacon to once a week on Tuesdays, rather than twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This temporary adjustment is necessary for me in order to carve out the time required to complete those graphic organizers.

In the meantime, if you ARE a Daily Teaching Tools visitor, thank you for your continuing interest.  If not, I hope to see you there soon!

Coming Tuesday: The Grade Recovery Debate